Today I had a conversation with a couple young girls about haters and why they hate you or why they hate what you have. Haters hate you because they don’t have what you want. It’s not that they can’t have what you have but they don’t want to work for it. They just want it handed to them. In my eyes all a hater sees is your success. What they fail to see is what it took you to become successful. They don’t see the hundreds of time you have failed x 100. They don’t see the extra hours of work you put in when no ones looking. They don’t see the nights you may have cried yourself to sleep because you failed so many times and don’t believe you will ever make it. They don’t see you pick yourself up after failing and fail again. They don’t see all the times you turn down your friends to go do stuff so that you can work on your craft. What they see is your success and they want that. But until they put in the work that you have and failed over and over and over again they will just always be haters. Embrace the haters because haters make you want to be more successful. They are fuel for your fire. Haters are always going to hate. Let them spend time hating while you are spending time getting better. But don’t stop putting in the work after you have become successful because those that do fall even harder. You are going to fail multiple times in your life. It is a learning lesson and is a must to make you better. So keep your head up, keep putting in the work, keep getting stronger and keep failing no matter who hates. And remember, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!”

Stay positive my friends.


-Chris North

Today’s Actions, Tomorrow’s Result

Today I had the opportunity to talk to a young man about the action we take today come with consequences tomorrow. That because at the time it seems and feels like the right thing to do or everyone else is doing it,then I should do it. This isn't the mindset that comes with success. Stop and think about what you are about to do before you do it. How long will this action cost me? Will this have a negative effect or a positive affect on my future? If I do this and it's not the right thing, who am I letting down? Not just myself but my family, my friends and others that care about me. Quick reactions can cost you. You have a gut feeling that it isn't right, don't do it.
Do not surround yourself with people that have an negative attitude or bring a negative attitude into every situation. Get attached to those who care about you, who bring positive energy and want to see you succeed. Let those people light your torch. Keep your head high and learn from your mistakes and failures.
No matter where you are in life, if you want to change, you will find a way. 25, 35, 45, the age doesn't matter. If you want change, make it happen. It will be hard, it will be a struggle. You will have to work harder than those already working hard. You will have those people who don't want to see you succeed try to bring you down. You will fail, I promise! But failure isn't a brick wall that is stopping you from succeeding. It is a stepping stone to your success. Don't let that failure bring you down, Let it fuel your future!

Stay positive my friends!

Chris North

My Thoughts

As adults that are put into positions that allow us to be around young men and women, it is our responsibility to protect them from not only the things that they can do to hurt themselves but also from people who may be a bad influence on them, lead them down the wrong path or maybe even hurt them. It is our responsibility to be the responsible one and make the responsible choices that keep them safe. We can do all we can do to protect them and things are still going to happen, its just the way it is. But what we can do is, not set them up for possible failure. We can’t put adults in positions that they don’t deserve or have not earned or who have showed that they can’t handle the responsibility of protecting our youth. The youth of this world is at risk everyday because of all the evil that lies and waits to attack  or influence them in the wrong way. We must keep them from this evil, allow it not to associate with them. We must not bring it into our community, into their lives. We must give them a fighting chance to make it and feel protected, so that they can focus on the things that matter the most to them right now. Them! Their education! Their innocence! Their life!

As an adult who is honored to be put into one of these positions and as a dad of two young children, I take this very seriously. I get worked up and a little emotional when I talk about this because I am very passionate about it. I take my leadership role around youth, pretty serious. I probably protect the kids around me more than I should but I would rather over protect them, then allow a single thing to hurt them, mistreat them or lead them astray.

This is my responsibility, this is our responsibility as adults.

We owe this to them.

Chris North

Monday Motivation

Life is an everyday grind. The cards you are dealt do not determine your path, your outcome, your production to society, your giving back and it sure doesn’t determine the person you are going to be. So pick yourself up, keep your head up and push through the struggle. You’ve got this!


Chris North

Thought of the Day

Each day I scan twitter to find positive tweets tweeted by the people I follow. I general read every one of them and try to find a way that they reflect me, my family or my current situation. It’s not that I need the motivation or lacking self-worth, well sometimes I do, but more of just a checkup from the neck up for me. It also allows me to pass those readings on to my son and daughter and others that I come in contact with. I know that reading and applying them makes me feel good and does give me extra motivation and if I can pass that on to others and only one person gets anything out of it, then I feel what I am doing is a good thing. People can go through incredibly harsh situations in life and others around them have no clue what they are going through.  A little inspiration/motivation to someone from someone else, can go along way. #foodforthought

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Chris North

Winning Starts with Culture

The Webster Dictionary defines the word culture in several ways but the one we will focus on in this blog is:  a set of shared attitudes, values, and goals that characterizes an institution or organization.

To win, you must first have a winning culture. Winning attitudes, winning values and winning goals.

If you constantly have a losing attitude because the culture around you has always had that losing attitude, how do you expect to win? You can’t! When times get tough and you need that winning attitude to help push you through but you are constantly hearing or living the losing attitude, the winning attitude cannot push through and allow you to lean on it. Every organization or institution needs a winning attitude, a winning culture! This concept may not always lead you to victory but it will put you in the right mind set that the possibility of winning is there and it over takes the losing possibility because you aren’t even considering it. Start winning by have a winning attitude.

Everyone must share this winning attitude culture. You can’t have the back-ground noise of a couple people allow the train to derail. Let the winning attitudes outshine the losing ones. It must start from the top of the organization to the bottom. From Presidents of companies, Superintendent of a school district, head coach of a sports team and so on. From its fans, its employees, the team, everyone matters in this fight to set a winning culture.

As a leader of an organization or institution you must be the first to set the standard and when others know what the standards are, it is you that they are looking up to, to keep that standard on point. If you have a losing attitude, a losing attitude is what they will follow. It is what they will train, it is what they will practice, it is what they will live and your organization or institution will be affected by it. You can’t expect people to buy what your selling if you don’t buy it yourself.

Winning values are a part of a winning culture. They are just as important as a winning attitude.

As a leader, if you set winning values and demand that these winning values be practiced, taught and utilized, you are stepping in the right direction of a winning culture. You have to remember that you must practice what you preach. What you do, they will do. By winning values I mean, showing up on time or even earlier than expected, taking the high road when all you want to do is go low, keeping your poise and winning attitude in check when faced with controversy, helping others in time of need, getting work done on time, all the time. Winning values help set the foundation for a winning culture.

Just like winning attitudes and winning values, winning goals also help set the foundation for a winning culture.

Leaders should make goals that are winning goals, goals that are achievable. No matter the size of the goal, big or small, make it realistic. If you make non-winning goals, ones that are unrealistic and your follows know that they aren’t realistic, that is all they will focus on. They won’t focus on the goal itself. Even if you have to take a big unrealistic goal and break it down into several winning goals, then as a leader you need to that. The goal of a goal is to achieve that goal. Why not start winning instead of losing. Make your goals winning goals.

So, as I wrap this up, I hope what you have taken from this, is that any organization, team or institution that expects to win, needs to have a winning culture, full of winning attitudes, winning values and winning goals. All of these have one thing in common, winning! Start winning today by having a winning culture.

Chris North