The Coach I Am

If you have ever been around me when I am coaching, you already know that I’m a rah rah coach. I’m extremely positive even when the occasion is otherwise. I use cliches’ saying on the regular. I am quote type of coach. I believe that positive thoughts create positive action. I do not focus on winning, never have and never will. I focus on improving. Improving is wining in my eyes and improving leads to winning. I love to win but in my eyes and experience if all you do is coach winning and focus only on winning you aren’t winning. The focus of improving and making a young athlete feel good about what they are learning and doing, is what it is about for me. I want them to feel the pressure but not so much pressure that they are scared to screw up or make mistake. I want them to make mistakes. Mistakes make us a better person and a better player. We learn from those mistakes. If I can make my athletes believe in themselves and believe in what I am saying, they are bound to improve and we are bound to win. Improving is winning to me not the final score.

Stay positive my friends.

-Chris North

Author: thepositivechrisnorth

A married man of 15 years to my lovely wife Amanda. A father of two wonderful children. My son Devon is 14 and in the 9th grade. My daughter Avery is 12 and in the 6th grade. I am a United State Navy veterans, Head Cross Country Coach for the Fairlawn Jets, a veterans advocate and a real estate agent. I try to live a positive life and be a role model to as many people as I can. I live off positive energy and think it should be a focus point in everyones life. I love to mentor youth and try to make a difference in other peoples life.

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